A Good Nursing Dissertation

A good nursing dissertation I once read was "Expanding Role of Nurses in the Provision of Health Care" In the abstract of this nursing dissertation the author clearly defined the different aspects of the roles that now nurses had to play. The author also mentioned the social pressure upon nurses and the reason why nurses have become desensitized due to the hectic work load they have. In the methodology of this nursing dissertation the author clearly mentioned that he used primary literature as well as the progressive outline through which the author researched, identified and collected information.

In the introduction of the nursing dissertation he provided a summary of the new wave of technology which a nurse has to be skilled in using. The author also told us how social and politically promoted issues have put added burden on nurses. Then the author presented evidence of the findings that have resulted in these changes and explained the results and the grounds by which the author had developed the question statement for the nursing dissertation.

The next part of the nursing dissertation provided the reasons behind the changes such as budget constraints, social ills caused by increase in drug abuse, HIV and AIDS. Author mentioned the surveys conducted that proved that the increased responsibilities on nurses had resulted in nurses becoming insensitive in giving patient care. I found this nursing dissertation at Dissertation Mojo. If you need any kind of assistance, advice or help in your nursing dissertation I suggest you visit dissertation Mojo.

Tuesday June 28, 2016

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