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If the completed dissertation does not sufficiently meet the customer's initial instructions after 7 rounds of revisions, it is up to the customer to contact the support centre with a detailed complaint proving that initial instructions were not met in adequate amounts of revision. It is then at the discretion of Dissertation Mojo to assign the customer a different writer or to provide with full refund.

Dissertation Mojo may not offer refund on minor delivery delays or minor content issues as they do not constitute grounds for full refund. However, the customer and Dissertation Mojo may reach an agreement by means of discounts or other partial forms of refund to compensate for inconvenience.

In accordance with the agreement our inability to meet the original deadline does not constitute sufficient grounds for a full refund, unless Dissertation Mojo fails to contact the customer after the order has been placed.

Contact and Dispute Resolution Policy

Should the customer be dissatisfied with the dissertation, the customer agrees to contact and inform Dissertation Mojo for direct resolution before initiating a charge back. Contact with Dissertation Mojo shall be made through Live Chat or Email in clear language.

If the customer and Dissertation Mojo have not reached an acceptable solution within 14 days of initial contact via the aforementioned communication channels, the customer may contact other organizations for assistance. However, failure to contact Dissertation Mojo directly before initiating a charge back shall be considered a breach of contract and shall be disputed accordingly.

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